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BigIsTheNewSmall.com is my personal blog that challenges you to: dream BIGGER. think BIGGER. Thinking is the next step after dreaming and is the action of making your dreams a reality.  I write about everything from leadership, the church, entrepreneurship, diversity, life, ministry, success, organizational growth, social media, live streaming and any other randomness that comes to mind. I write much more infrequent than I did in the early years; however you can find me daily on Periscope: @ScottWilliams, Twitter: @ScottWilliams, Instagram: @ScottOKC and Snapchat: @ScottOKC.

Disclaimer: (Read this section in the quiet fast talking voice at the end of car commercials.) These are my personal thoughts and in no way do the thoughts, expressions, writings or content of this blog directly represent my companies, clients, sponsors or any other organization that I’m affiliated with.

Personal Bio

I love Jesus, My Wife, My Kids & My Family.  I enjoy helping people release their God-Given gifts.  My life mission is simple: HOW – Helping Others Win!

Short Bio

Scott Williams is an author, speaker, strategist and international consultant. As the CEO and Chief Solutions Officer of NxtLevel Solutions, Scott and his team consult with some the largest and most influential churches, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies in the world in guiding them to solutions that instill leadership and foster growth.

Prior to his founding of NxtLevel Solutions, Scott served as one of the key leaders and Campus Pastors at LifeChurch, which is the largest church in America. Scott has been featured on many prominent “best of” lists in some of the nation’s most respected publications. Those lists include being number five on the Top 100 Christian Leaders to follow, Top 25 Diversity Professionals, Top 30 Leadership Blogs, Top 15 Leadership Experts, Top 100 Employee Engagement Expert and Top 500 CEO’s in The World.

Scott lives in Oklahoma City with his wife LaKendria and their two sons Wesley (17) and Jayden (13). He and his family are proud fans and supporters of their home team, The Oklahoma City Thunder.

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